Large-format printing

An integral part of modern advertising and design activities is large-format printing.

Large and colorful image is able to attract the attention of a much larger number of people, because of the large picture is well visible even at a big distance. Large images produce a stronger impression, therefore, are better remembered.

Our company has a large-format printers such manufacturers as Epson and HP.

We offer interior and exterior large-format printing for outdoor (street) and used indoors design and advertising.

We have printers capable to satisfy any needs in the field of large-format digital printing.


Epson technologies

Nowadays, increasingly more requirements are demanded to the quality of printed image, especially in those areas that require color accuracy and high detailing - integrated photo printing and high-quality art print.

Our large-format printer Epson allows to implement the most sophisticated creative ideas, thanks to modern achievements in the field of digital printing.

High stability of color and color accuracy provided by Epson UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink allow to create durable and bright prints ideal for exhibitions of art photography, presentations, advertising campaigns.

Inks are highly resistant to fading (up to 200 years!!!). So the "burned out" colors on the photos are in the past!

The accuracy of the prints is provided by the improved characteristics of the ink drop. New printhead forms ink drops perfectly round, that allows to get high quality image.

Three neutral colors allow to create excellent black-and-white prints with enhanced contrast, ideal gradation of tones and improved gray balance without the colour tone. This combination of black ink prevents bronzing and provides a uniform filling of the surface of the media in the light and dark areas. The meta-matter is also reduced, making grayscale look the same in all lighting conditions.

Technology Epson LUT ensures that each point is created by a unique combination of ink from eight-color ink system. The proportion of colors is calculated separately for each point.

Optimized distribution of ink provides maximum compliance between original image and its printed copy. The result is superb natural pictures.


Hewlett-Packard technologies

The rapid development of technologies leads to the progress not only in the field of technology, but also in the field of ecology, the outstanding example of which is the new latex print technology from Hewlett-Packard, the main advantages of which are:

  • Ecological compatibility.
    The printed material is non-toxic, odorless, ideal for restaurants and hotels, permitted for application in schools and rooms for children.
  • High image quality.
    Thanks to high resolution and ink properties the image is get smooth without visible points.
  • Brightness, saturation, and realistic images.
    Image is a peculiar film with good reflective properties that makes effect of brightness and saturation.
  • Fading resistance.
    The printed image is resistant to physical effects, such as the sun light. Lifetime of latex prints in outdoor conditions is up to 3 years without lamination, and 5 years with lamination.
  • Resistance to moisture and physical deterioration.
    Due to the chemical properties the image will remain sharp and clear after contact with water. The image is tightly adhere to a surface of a material and resistant to abrasion.
  • A wide range of printed materials.
    Printing on vinyl, banner, self-adhesive paper, textile, canvas, the common roll-fed paper and other.


The main implementations of latex print:

  • posters for trade points;
  • design of show-windows;
  • light boxes;
  • outdoor (street) banners;
  • graphics for vehicles;
  • the interior design;
  • self-adhesive pointers;
  • stickers for the glass;
  • and other.