Quarterly and monthly calendars

Quarterly calendars with single winding

Quarterly calendar on a single winding consists of full color heading and lower advertising field. Heading size is 297x210 mm, print 4+0, one-sided coating carton 255g/m2, "piccolo" ring. Standard calendar package consists of 12 sheets with cursor and carton mat. Print 3+0, paper 90g/m2, coated board. Winding- 1 metallic spiral Wire-O.



Leaflets - one of the most simple and less expenditure type of advertising product.

They are very comfortable when you are making various presentations, sales, advertising campaigns in the city streets and are very effective in terms of influence.


Wall and desktop calendars

Wall calendars

Wall calendar in your office is a corporate identity element, and a constant reminder about you in your partners' offices. Not everyone can afford such a calendar.

Desktop calendars

    Desktop calendars are compact, handy and easy to reach.
  • Ready calendar's format is 180x155 mm.
  • Block format is 180x120 mm.
  • Mat format in separated form is 390x180 mm.
  • Paper for block- 150 g/m2.
  • Paper for mat - one-sided coating carton 270 g/m2.
  • Full color print.

  • Wire-O winding on side - 180 mm


There are standard accounting blanks and forms for the use by enterprises and organizations, blanks for medical institutions, letter-heads.

Pocket calendars

Pocket calendars are most democratic kind of calendars. Small in size, interesting by their design and long run will guarantee constant advertisement of your firm.

General form of pocket calendars

Cut format - 70x100mm, 4+4, paper 300g/m2, double-sided lamination 32mkm, tucking of corners.


Any form can be used on a front face of pocket calendar:

  • your slide, photo, raster image and etc.
  • your company logotype, motto, information on offered goods and services
  • address and telephone can be placed on a front face of pocket calendar or onto calendar grid side
  • We offer a wide choice of calendar grids.


Along with other types of printed output our publishing house produces full-color booklets. Booklets as a type of advertising polygraphy are some kind of "golden mean" between brochures and leaflets.

It does not contain such a detailed information as brochure, it is more compact - and at the same time it contains large body of information and it is more presentable than an ordinary advertising leaflet.


Envelopes, postcards and invitations

Exclusive holiday envelops, invitations and postcards create a good mood and will remind about you.

Beautiful invitations will bring a festive mood.

Brochures and Magazines

Our firm prints brochures and magazines with further after-printing processing. Brochures and catalogues are the most wide-spread among multi type rage printed matter (with type rage number starting from 8).

Brochures are very convenient for placing of large quantity of printed information to be used for presentation and advertising purposes.